The Rams Come Home with a Blast

Temple City High School’s varsity football team won 44-26 versus La Canada High School.

Written by NATALIE JIN / Published November 2, 2012

On Friday, October 26, Temple City High School’s varsity football team played against La Canada High School’s varsity football team, 44 points to 26 in the Rams league victory.

As if the victory was not exhilarating enough, the coronation of the Homecoming Queen took place during halftime, along with a show of fireworks to light up the night.

To celebrate the victory, students celebrated the following night at the annual homecoming dance.

The Homecoming game is a big event for football players at Temple City High School. Starting intensive training for this big game in the summer with “Hell –week”, an intensive week of double practices- two hours in the morning and three hours in the evening, the varsity football team was geared up to tackle any obstacle, including The La Canada Spartans, whom we have held animosities against in recent years.

Varsity football player, David Liu, recalls the victory against the Spartans as “…crazy. I felt the adrenaline rush through my body as we started to break lead. I thought we might not have kept the lead, but things just kept getting better and better. We won. It was one of the sweetest victories I’ve ever felt this season. It was such a good game”.

The half-time show was also an attention grabber for many. Many had gone to the game to root for their respective, favorite Homecoming princess nominee. Starting in mid-September, students selected and nominated one senior girl for Homecoming Princess. Eventually, in a tally of votes, five senior girls won as homecoming princesses: Caroline Sun, Kelly Guo, Amber Estrada, Fionne Ma, and Victoria Lam.  These girls then proceeded to be nominated again for Homecoming Queen. During the halftime game, it was revealed that Caroline Sun, would receive the crown for such an honor.

Following coronation, fireworks blasted into the chilly night sky. A spectacular show of colors lit up the field as “Ooohs” and “Aaahs” emerged from the mesmerized audience. The school invests annually into this firework show- spending a whopping two-thousand dollars, on the fireworks only.

The night ended in victory, but Homecoming was yet to be over. The next night, four hundred celebrated the victory of the previous night at the Homecoming Dance, which was held, in the school cafeteria and stage. ASB decorated the school profusely with allusions to “The Little Mermaid”. The theme of the night was “Kiss the Girl” and much like the Homecoming game the night before, the dance was a huge success.


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