An Interview with Assembly Candidate Matthew Lin

Lin, the Republican candidate and top vote-getter in the June primary, speaks to the Temple City Voice.

Written by PROMISE LI / Published on November 2, 2012

Dr. Matthew Lin is one of the two candidates, along with Edwin Chau, running for the position of assembly member in California’s 49th State Assembly District.

He had previously served in the San Marino City Council for eight years and as its mayor for three terms.

Lin stresses the importance of small businesses and how they are beneficial for the stimulation and comeback for the now-stagnant economy.

“Stop the loss of jobs,” Lin said, “and [to] relocate the jobs back to this area, to effectively stimulate the economy.”

Lin also explained that “private and public partnership” would be important for the process of economic recovery to work out harmoniously.

He criticized the government’s decision to hold a disregard for fiscal responsibility.

“Our priorities,” he articulated, “are to make the economy grow again, to create more jobs for the people, as well as to promote public education. Simply, there are three main actions in which we should take to rebuild our economy: balance the budget, increase the revenue, and cut taxes.”

Dr. Lin stated that his qualifications to the role of assembly member are superior to those of his rival.

He explained, “I have been working and living in this area for the last 34 years, and Ed Chau had just moved in a few months ago. I own a small business in the local area working as a physician and I truly understand how a business works – how to balance budgets and how to run operations.”

“My heart is in this community,’ he firmly added. “I raised my children here, I practiced here, and I am now going to give back to this community.”

Dr. Lin expressed a desire to start a radio station after his election to better communicate with the people of his town. More information regarding the ongoing campaign of Lin can be found at


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