Gas Prices on the Rise

A rise in gas prices creates a shift towards energy conservation, utilization of sustainable energies sources and green lifestyles.

Written by TUSTIN LEE / Published October 26, 2012

Ever since the 2008 Recession and continuing global energy crisis, American dependency on both domestic and foreign gas has driven gas prices through the roof. Today the average cost of gas is around 120 dollars per barrel.

At 42 gallons per barrel the price of one gallon of gasoline is 2.38 dollars, subtracting today’s average price of 4.59 dollars makes for a 2.24 dollar profit per gallon for gas tycoons and a number of corrupted nations.

With the State of California having the highest average gas prices in America, we suffer quite the toll, especially those that have to commute daily to work or school.

Mrs. Graunke, a teacher at Temple City High School stated that, “The government should invest more in energy and public transportation except that we are quite some debt and should focus on that first.”

Little things such as turning off the lights and biking to a destination everyday have cut Americans off from having to cater at the feet of large gas corporations and have saved them bountiful amounts of cash by helping them avoid gas and its taxes.

Albert Chen of Temple City High School’s Environmental Club said, “Although higher gas prices are bad for our wallets; less people buying gas would be better for the environment”.

At today’s current rate, gas prices don’t seem to be lowering anytime soon especially when the gas reserves are being drained by the day and discoveries of future reserves most likely yield the equivalent of today’s market demand.

This drive will force many Americans to resort to a converted life of conservationism and start the creation of a model society with little to no emissions.

Though gas prices today are abysmal, it is a step in the right direction towards this goal. This is a crucial point in History when the shift from traditional fossil fuels seems inevitable and everyone must sooner or later depend on Sustainable energy sources such as hydroelectricity, nuclear, and geothermal energy.


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