Temple City High School Students Participate In Red Ribbon Week

Students dress up to raise awareness for a drug-free life from October 15-19.

Written by KRISTY HSI / Published October 26, 2012 

A wide variety of ensembles and colors adorned the many students at

Temple City High School throughout Red Ribbon Week from October 15-October 19.

Red Ribbon Week is an annual drug awareness and prevention campaign held every October in the United States. Each year, students across the nation join together in demonstrating the importance of being drug-free by following certain themes that express a particular concept.

This year’s themes at the high school conveyed many important ideas.

On Monday, students wore sunglasses to school to “shade” out drugs. On Tuesday, students dressed in their pajamas to show that they would never let drugs get in the way of their dreams. Wednesday was Wear Red Day where students wore red to school to represent drug awareness, and Thursday was Nerd Day where students dressed up as nerds to show that they were too smart to start. On Friday, students wore bright colors to show that their futures are bright without drugs.

Junior Class President Aaron Huang and Sophomore Class Vice President Stanley Huang were among those who participated throughout the entire week. Aaron Huang believes in the power and inspiration of the week for teens.

“It’s all about showing our school that your life will be amazing without these addictions. The week shows that you have the power to say no and the power to live a healthy life. It’s important to raise people’s self-esteem and help them realize that their will power is actually going to be the factor that stops them from doing drugs.” said Aaron Huang.

Both Stanley and Aaron raised awareness by encouraging others to participate as well.

“The main point of this week was to basically raise prevention awareness towards alcohol and drugs. As students, we know better to stay away from drugs that can harm us. We show our knowledge by dressing up specifically towards each day and telling our friends and family to do the same. The themes really emphasized the importance of drug prevention by laying out simple ideas that we can all relate to.” said Stanley Huang.

At the end of the week, the Associated Student Body (ASB) passed out wristbands to every class with the words “YOLO: don’t waste it” to demonstrate to students that you only live once, so don’t waste it by doing drugs.


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