Temple City High School Students Attend AIDS Walk

Club members of various on-campus clubs participated in the annual AIDS walk on October 14.

Written by ALBERT CHEN / Published October 19, 2012  

On October 14 the annual AIDS walk was held at West Hollywood Park, attracting 30,000 participants, including citizens of Temple City.  The walks was a 6.2 mile loop that began and ended at the West Hollywood Park.

The AIDS walk is held every year to raise funds and awareness for AIDS.  Currently, AIDS Walk Los Angeles has raised over $2 million, which will benefit AIDS service organizations in Los Angeles County, such as AIDS Project Los Angeles.

Many participants from Temple City High school also showed their support.  Several clubs from Temple City High School hosted outings to attend the walk.  These clubs include the TCHS Interact, EYES, and Key clubs.

“EYES Club did very much enjoy AIDS Walk because it was for a great cause and allowed for our members to get to know each other better” said Vice President of EYES club Austin Situ.

For many club members, the AIDS walk was a joyful experience and a great way to meet knew people.

“We definitely plan on attending AIDS Walk again next year,” said Situ, “This event allows for the EYES cabinet to get to know every member!”

Though the walk is a festive event, the cause that it supports is no laughing matter.  AIDS is an urgent epidemic that continues to affect thousands of citizens in California.  The AIDS walk, and other events like it, help to combat the disease and raise awareness for the cause.

As an incentive for participants to donate, prizes such as t-shirt and sweaters were given out to walkers who reached fund-raising goals.


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