School District Celebrates Completion of Energy Efficiency Program

Students and district representatives announce the completion of the three year long energy efficiency program in Temple City Unified School District.

Written by ALBERT CHEN / Published October 5, 2012  

On Monday, a celebration was held at the Temple City High School media center to announce the completion of the energy efficiency program in the Temple City Unified School District that was started three years ago.

Speakers at the event included Student Board Member Kyle Evanko, Superintendent Dr. Chelsea Kang-Smith, Board President Matt Smith, Senator Carol Liu, and Representatives from the California State Assembly, Southern California Edison, Daewoo International America Corp., and Chevron Energy Solutions.

The energy efficiency program involved a variety of renovations and installations in throughout the Temple City Unified School District.

These include, a new solar photovoltaic power system in Temple City High School, a new boiler and chiller at Longden Elementary School, the installation of new windows at Oak Avenue Intermediate School and more.

The project is expected to reduce TCUSD’s electrical bill by more that a third and drastically reduce carbon emissions.

“With the new energy efficient retrofits and solar energy system, our district will generate more that 3.8 million in energy savings over the course of the project,” said Student Board Member Evanko, “That is money that will no longer have to be put toward keeping our lights on, but they can now be dedicated toward enhancing and supplementing the education of our students, and that is a huge reason to celebrate today.”

The project has taken three years to complete.

“We started this journey in January 2009, forming an energy efficiency committee,” said Superintendent Kang-Smith, “We really looked toward cost saving ideas while helping our earth at the same time.

Throughout the celebration, TCUSD was given awards for its leadership in providing environmentally friendly facilities.

“The project is about creating a better future, not only for our planet, but for the students that we serve,” said Kang-Smith.

The energy efficiency program also includes new instructional materials for teachers that will help them inform students about being environmentally responsible.

“As educators we are constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to engage our students,” said Kang-Smith, “The energy education program that is part of our Chevron energy solutions really worked with our students and our educators in providing professional development for our teachers with curriculum and solar kits for hands on experiments that are aligned with state standards to enhance environmental and energy awareness.”


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