To Tackle Shortage, Temple City Will Consider Shared Parking

Businesses will be allowed to sign concession agreements for shared parking

Written by TIFFANY KHA / Published October 5, 2012 

Temple City businesses with inadequate parking will soon be able to sign parking concession agreements with their neighbors.

The city council recently adopted Ordinance 12-959 during its August 21, 2012 meeting. The ordinance will give businesses a new remedy to tackle a lack of parking.

Steve Masura, the community development director, said the ordinance would be a “more flexible way to deal with parking shortages.”

Currently, Temple City’s municipal code requires businesses to have a certain number of parking spaces. That number varies based on the type of business, including the size and use.

“The Parking Concession Agreements would provide the city with a tool to work with future businesses and developers by allowing shared parking agreements with adjacent or nearby properties with excess parking,” according to a staff report.

The report also highlighted that Ordinance 12-959 could entice developers to build surplus parking in order to “facilitate shared parking or lease agreements with other properties.”

Last October, the city hired RBF Consulting to conduct traffic calming and downtown parking studies. The consultant was awarded an approximately $185,000 contract, which was paid for by Measure R funds.

“I am very pleased to see this toolbox of options we need to address this issue,” Councilmember Carl Blum noted, referring to the lack of parking.

A motion to adopt the ordinance by second reading was made by Councilmember Tom Chavez and seconded by Councilmember Blum.

The vote was unanimous, 4-0. Councilmember Fernando Vizcarra was absent.

After 30 days, Ordinance 12-959 will take effect.


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