First Steps Taken to Establish Public Arts Program

The ordinance also creates a public arts commission.

Written by TIFFANY KHA / Published September 28, 2012  

The city council recently adopted an ordinance establishing a public arts program, as well as a public arts commission.

By a 3-0 unanimous vote, the city council approved Ordinance 12-960 during the August 7, 2012 city council meeting. City council members Carl Blum and Cynthia Sternquist were absent.

Ordinance 12-960 provides a “legal framework” that crafts a public arts program and public arts commission, according to Assistant to the City Manager Brian Haworth.

The proposed law also develops a mechanism that secures funding, while also instituting rules governing the public arts program. Additionally, it specifies that the city will provide staff to support the program and commission.

Once the city council adopts the ordinance a second time, likely at the subsequent city council meeting, the ordinance will take effect within 30 days.

According to the staff report, the city council will appoint the inaugural commissioners by mid-October.

City commissioners will be selected among Temple City residents, and may include Temple City businesses, Councilman Tom Chavez noted. Mr. Chavez emphasized that this was the first time that non-residents could participate.

“I think that will be a good mix” Mr. Chavez said.

A total of five commissioners will be selected, which is a model similar to existing city commissions.

“It’s fun and I think it really enhances the city and will continue to do so,” Councilman Fernando Vizcarra said, in regards to the ordinance.

Mayor Yu also voiced his support, saying: “I think it’s time that Temple City also, moving forward, invests in art.”

Currently, a public arts advisory group, which has been instrumental in the formation of the Walter P. Temple bust, as well as providing contributions toward the Rosemead Boulevard Improvement project, exists.

That group may well be transitioned into an established public arts commission. Last June, the group recommended the city sponsor a public arts program to be supervised to a public arts commission.


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