Full Moon Festival Draws Crowds Despite Heat

Crowds gather to participate in the festivities of the  Full Moon Happy Family Festival in Temple City.

Written by RACHEL DONG / Published September 21, 2012

With stands all across the street of Las Tunas, people meander from vendor to vendor in the 13th Full Moon Happy Family Festival.

This event, organized by EDI Media Inc and Global East TV, celebrates the Chinese Moon Festival, a traditional event. The event lasted from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The event had many things to offer—performances, free items, and a lot of food.

Along the street of Las Tunas some vendors sold small snacks, moon cake, and yogurt, but the real food was located right beside the Temple City Park.

Along an alley, there was an abundance of different varieties of authentic Asian food. Some of these included stinky tofu, tea, and grilled meat skewers. The smells all combined and were pervasive and pungent.

It was clear that in this festival, many aspects of the culture were brought out.

The vendors even sold fruit trees, toys, and hats, many of them speaking Mandarin while trying to sell their products.

One first-time participant said, “I learned a lot about the culture. I got some type of oil that cured my headache and a massage.”

Performers from places such as Shin Dance Academy and other groups took the stage in front of many rows of seats and performed in front of a background that displayed the many sponsors of this event. Some were McDonalds and East West Bank.

Another spectator thought the turnout was surprisingly successful.

“A lot of people really came out and participated in this, and that really surprised me; I realized Asian culture is really growing,” the spectator said.

All in all, this event served to display the diversity in the city while embracing one of the more palpable cultures in our community.


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