Two Local Tax Measures on November Ballot

Two important local measures, J and S, will appear on the November ballot.

Written by MICHAEL COLLINS / Published September 21, 2012

On November 6, registered voters will be able to vote on two local measures that will have a major effect on Temple City and its surrounding areas.

Measure J, one of the measures on the November ballot, proposes to improve light rail and subway connections, as well as airport connections, by accelerating construction, which, if the measure passes, will be complete in five years rather than 20.

The measure is actually an extension of Measure R, which Los Angeles County voters approved in 2008.

Should Measure J gain two-thirds approval, voters would essentially continue the one-half cent increase of tax for an additional 30 years. Measure R is currently scheduled to expire in 2038.

The other measure that directly affects Temple City and its school district, Measure S, asks voters to approve a $128.8 million bond. This bond would directly contribute to classrooms throughout the Temple City Unified School District, as well as improve facilities.

The bond measure will tax property owners $58.00 per $100,000 in appraised value in order to pay for the bond’s contributions toward district improvements.

Proponents argue that necessary renovations will also be addressed with the bond money, including repairs to central heating and cooling units, as well as roof repairs.

Additionally, those in favor state the bond will be audited annually and will be overseen by citizens of Temple City.

However, opponents argue that the school board should not have placed the bond measure on the November ballot given the uncertain economic climate.

They also note that Temple City already approved a bond, which has not been completely paid for, in 1998.

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles County of Education released a report detailing that the school district still has $18.6 million in existing bond obligations, as of June 2011.


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