With Caltrans Nod, Project Awaits Federal Agency Review

Major renovation of Temple City’s western corridor to take place this year.

Written by YINTING HUANG / Published September 21, 2012  

A state transportation agency has recommended Temple City’s Rosemead Boulevard Improvement Project for approval, according to Project Manager Kristi Twilley. Caltrans gave its approval on June 28, Ms. Twilley wrote in the July 6, 2012 city manager’s report.

“Avant Garde informed the City that Caltrans has reviewed and recommended the Rosemead Boulevard Project for federal E-76 approval,” the project manager stated. This recommendation means the major street renovation project can be reviewed by the Federal Highway Administration. Once the federal agency authorizes the project, it will be placed out to bid.

Ms. Twilley noted that she expects the agency to give its approval “in about two-and-a-half weeks.”

As the City awaits news from the Federal Highway Administration, Vanir Construction Management intends to continue making preparations to bid the project. Along with Vanir, the project management consultant, Temple City has hired Gruen Associates and Avant Garde, the project designer and project finance administrator and labor compliance monitor, respectively.

The Rosemead Boulevard Improvement Project introduces energy-efficient lighting, pedestrian-friendly enhancements, drought-resistant landscaping, public art works, and protected bicycle lanes.

Approximately two miles of city streets along Rosemead Boulevard will be upgraded from Callita Avenue to the railroad tracks.

The project is estimated to cost $18,291,288, of which $17 million in grant funding has been raised from 14 regional, state, and federal sources.

The construction phase will cost about $15.9 million and is scheduled to begin in late summer 2012.

A town hall meeting, the third for the Rosemead Boulevard project, will be held prior to construction, Community Development Director Steve Masura previously stated.


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