Yes On S Campaign Kicks Off with a Bang

Yes on S campaign volunteers discuss Measure S at the Temple City High School media center.

Written by ALBERT CHEN / Published September 14, 2012  

On Monday, September 10, the Yes on S campaign kick-off rally was held at the Temple City High School media center. Yes on S is a volunteer campaign dedicated to raising awareness and support for Measure S, a bond which will levy a tax on property owners in order to raise funds for the improvement of Temple City schools.

Campaign volunteers were greeted by festive decorations as well as the TCHS band and pep squad as they arrived.

Also present were Superintendent Chelsea Kang-Smith, the Temple City school board, and Council members Vincent Yu, Carl Blum, and Tom Chavez.

Informational packets that detailed the campaign plans were passed out to all of the volunteers at the rally. In addition, floor plans of proposed constructions for Temple City schools were displayed on posters.

The rally began with a performance by the band and pep squad, followed by speeches by Superintendent Kang-Smith, campaign chair Staci Hazlett, and Colleen Crowley from the Lew Edwards Group.

Afterwards, attendees were allowed to ask their questions and sign up for future volunteer events.

The speakers emphasized the importance of Measure S and the need to renovate Temple City schools.

“It is obvious that we need to modernize,” said Kang-Smith, “We simply cannot wait any longer.”

The superintendent also spoke about safety issues within schools.

“Safety is always an issue, and I have to say that measure S will really improve on the drop-off and pick-up of students,” said Kang-Smith, “It will help with the traffic and we will be able to extend the drop-off and pick-up areas.”

Kang-Smith ended her speech with an urgent call to action.

“Our students deserve high performing facilities. This is our chance, Measure S will really get us here.”

The rally was concluded by another performance by the high school pep squad.


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