Awareness for Teen Suicide Prevention through Yellow Ribbon Week

Temple City High School hosts the Yellow Ribbon Week for the first time to raise awareness for the prevention of teen suicide.

Written by PROMISE LI / Published September 14, 2012  

Yellow Ribbon Week has been hosted at Temple City High for the very first time during the week of Sep. 9-15. The ASB team at the high school has collaborated to promote this program under the leadership of Community Liaison Officer Noelle Rudeen.

This campaign has been put into effect after the discussions in the District Office recognizing November as a National Safe School Month.

The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program has been established as a not-for-charity program in 1994 dedicated to the prevention of youth suicide and attempts.

Its mission statement states that it seeks to “empowering individuals and communities through leadership, awareness and education, and

By collaborating and partnering with support networks to reduce stigma and help save lives.”

On campus, students were encouraged to wear yellow in support of Yellow Ribbon Week and statistics about the rate of teen suicide were broadcasted via the daily bulletin each day as an insight for the students to be aware of the increasingly important issue.

More activities again hosted by Temple City High School’s ASB team will be done on Thursday during lunchtime.

Committee Liaison Noelle Rudeen reported in the moderate success of this first year’s event and held high hopes for the event’s success in the coming years.

“Since this year was the first year, it was more of a test run,” she admitted, “ We wanted to see how the students reacted to the it and see how we can improve it each year, and we are certain that there is going to be a huge improvement in the following years.”

ASB advisor Michael Kidd also expresses great enthusiasm for Yellow Ribbon Week.


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