Opinion: Start School in August, Not September

Chang’s view on when school should begin.

Written by CELENE CHANG / Published September 7, 2012  

I remember a while back there were rumors going around that the district had decided to start the school year earlier, in August rather than September.

I recall a lot of students being unhappy with the rumor and calling it “unfair”. Although it was never confirmed, I am all for starting the school year in August.

As a student myself, I understand why my classmates would be so upset by the thought of starting school sooner.

If school started in August, that means a shorter summer break right? Wrong.

Regardless of when school started, break would still be the same length. If we started school earlier, that means summer starts earlier as well, and school would end in May.

An earlier school year would definitely be more beneficial to the district because that means we have more time to learn before CST’s.

Although many people might see them as a joke, our scores on the CST’s affect the school’s reputation. Often times I find that teachers shove a months’ worth of material within a week, because there isn’t enough time due to the impending CST’s. It’s annoying and hectic since we are being forced to learn so much information in a short amount of time.

Starting the school year earlier would mean that we would have more time to cover the material, which means not needing to stress out as much the week before CST’s.

“I don’t like how every year the teachers try to cram so much material right before the CST’s,” TCHS Junior Casey Cai said. “I don’t really learn anything and have to spend sleepless nights studying on my own to understand it.”

Not only that, but August is the hottest time of the year.

I don’t know about you guys but even if it is summer break, I don’t prefer trying to have a good time in 100+ degrees. I would much rather have my summer start in May, when the weather isn’t scorching hot, and be able to go to the beach without getting a heatstroke. Being able to stay in an AC-ed room most of the day on the hottest month of the year sounds good to me!

Most of the other schools in the San Gabriel Valley also start their schools in August, so I don’t see why we shouldn’t as well. Summer break is still the same length, and you might be able to finally score that advance marking that you’ve always wanted on your CST’s.


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