Silverados Finish Off Summer Concert Series Strong

Concerts in the Park came to a close this summer with a modern country performance.

Written by KRISTY HSI / Published September 7, 2012

A huge welcoming sign exclaiming “Howdy Partners!” greeted the large groups of people who attended the summer concert finale which took place last Wednesday evening at Temple City Park from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

The people at the concert were treated to a wide variety of vendors that served dishes such as tri-tip and chicken sandwiches with baked beans as well as deserts such as ice cream and shaved ice. In addition to the food stands were a crafts booth and a face painting booth.

The theme of this year’s Temple City Concerts in the Park finale is “Wild West Summer” and includes performances by Trick Roper “DAVE”, professional line dancers Lisa Clyde and Jim Peace, and the country band the Silverados.

The concert started with a rope techniques display by Dave, followed by a line dance and a performance by the Silverados who sang top country hits.

Judy Benson is a lady who has been to the summer concerts every year with her friends.

“We came for the past few years and all this year,” Benson said, “In all this time, I don’t remember ever having a closing thing for the concert series, and it seems excellent to have something to close it all off. We like coming out and sitting here, listening to the music.”

George and his family have also been coming to the concerts and did not want to miss the finale.

“It’s a really nice family event to spend the summer night in,” George said, “The kids really enjoy listening to it and since we don’t listen to country much, it’s definitely a new experience for us. It’s our first time seeing so many booths and activities around, though.”

Julie, one of the lead singers in the Silverados, also enjoys the sense of community that the concerts bring.

“It’s our first time performing here, but I can already see that this community is really involved,” Julie said, “We do a lot of this stuff in other cities, but Temple City has been the most welcoming and supportive there is. I’m sure the group would love to come back sometime.”

As the night ends everyone enjoys the music of the concert one last time before they leave to await next year’s performances.


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