School Begins for Temple City H.S. Students

The new school year for high school students began this week.

Written by ALBERT CHEN / Published September 7, 2012  

On Wednesday, Temple City High School began its first day of school, ushering a new school year for freshmen and returning students alike.

As usual, the students arrive early that day to pick up their revised schedules and proceed to their classes for the rest of the day.

When asked about any changes to the school, principle Fosselman King said that there were, “very few.”

There have been some changes to the staff list, however. Those staff persons who are new to the school are Sue Anderson, Rachel Millanponce, Mary Pederson, and Lisa Cook.

“We had one teacher retire this year, Kien Chen, who was a math teacher,” said King, “Brenda Pan, who used to work part time, took over his math classes.”

Changes have also been made to the English classes.

“One teacher has taken a leave of absence,” said King, “so we hired Lisa Cook, who will assist in the English department.”

As for new classes, there are a couple.

“AP Psychology is a new and AP Government is new.”

One of the most radical changes to the school was the addition of a new, online registration system.

“The biggest thing is the Infosnap process for registrations,” said King, “In terms of our overall registration, things went really smoothly. I think the process went by a lot quicker.”

The scheduling of classes was also much smoother this year.

“The master schedule loaded really quickly,” said King, “Over 98 percent of students got into the classes that they wanted.”


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