Tips on Fighting the Heat

This week, TCV brings you several ways to stay cool this summer.

Written by SABRINA FANG / Published August 24, 2012

There are many ways to stay cool and fight the summer heat.

The dog days of summer are finally here. The San Gabriel Valley was recently been hit with a scorching heat wave.

The high temperatures, muggy weather and sweltering heat can feel unbearable. But there are ways to fight the heat and make some of the worst days feel tolerable.

Wear light-colored, loose fitting clothing. Light colors will absorb less heat from the sun. Loose fitting clothing will keep away moisture and improve comfort.

Also, avoid doing any strenuous activity. Engaging in any sort of physical activity while temperatures are close to reaching triple digits is very dangerous and can lead to heat exhaustion or hyperthermia. Exercise in the early morning or at night when the heat has subsided. During the day, stay indoors, relax and try to stay in one place.

While in the house, make sure to keep the curtains and blinds closed during the day. This will help keep the heat from entering the home and make it cooler in the late afternoon and evening.

Make a trip to the public library or the shopping mall where the air-conditioning is always on.

Plan to spend the day at the beach with friends. Swim the water and lie in the sand. Compared to the valley, temperatures in the coastal region are about ten degrees cooler.

Eat a lot of bitter vegetables, fruits that are rich in water content, and herbs. Avoid eating any fried foods, cured meats or red meats.

Also, try eating spicy foods. Although it may not be the most enjoyable thing to eat on a hot day, spicy foods can actually make a person feel cooler. These increase the body’s blood circulation and perspiration and as a result, lower down body temperature.

Finally, it is important to stay hydrated during such warm weather. Avoid drinking anything with caffeine. Drinks, such as soda or coffee, increase the metabolic heat in the body. Make sure to drink plenty of water. Drinking sports drinks or other sources of electrolytes also keep the body hydrated.

The summer heat may feel horrible at times but there is always a way to fight the heat and stay cool. Enjoy the warm weather!


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