Temple City High School Registration Marks End of Summer

Students return to school several weeks before it begins to register for the upcoming year.

Written by NATALIE JIN / Published August 24, 2012 

As summer slowly draws to an end, Temple City High School students congregate to register for their classes for this upcoming school year.

Registration took place on Temple City High School grounds over the course of five days. Beginning with the incoming senior class registration on August 20th, the juniors followed suit on August 21st, the sophomores on the 22nd, and the freshmen on the 23rd. The last day of registration, Friday, August 23rd, was reserved for students who missed their set registration date.

During registration, students were to turn in their due paperwork.  In past years, the files of paperwork were seemingly endless; students had to turn in a multitude of waivers and surveys.  This year, however, set a precedent to a new form of registration- online registration. Surveys and student forms were filled online and submitted into the district prior registration. Thus, during the actual “round-up” students were only required to return a “signatures page”- confirming the legitimacy of the online forms.

Beyond the scope of sheer paperwork, Temple City High School’s registration also encompassed the releasing of student schedules, ID cards, and textbooks for the upcoming year. Students were also given the opportunity to adjust any schedule conflicts.

For many, the registration marked the end of freedom, a reminder that they must soon adhere to a systematically-paced school year. Incoming junior, Andrew Pau, says, “I don’t really want to go back to school. It’s junior year too. And even though I practically had no summer this year with my SAT classes, I still enjoyed what little freedoms I had”.

However, for some others, especially those entering their senior year, registration marks only the beginning of what is to be an exhilarating and inspiring new year.

Grant Wu, an incoming senior, affirms, “Senior year is going to be amazing. Even though I’m sure college applications will be tough, I’m really excited for second semester senior year!”


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