Summer Concerts: “Tommy Tassi and The Authentics” Perform

This week’s summer concerts’ theme was Classic Oldies.

Written by RACHEL DONG / Published August 17, 2012

People gather around the gazebo, equipped with lawn chairs, towels, and family members. This can only signify the annual Concert in the Park series, which takes place at the Temple City Park every Wednesday over the summer.

Admission is free, and the concert officially starts at 7 PM, though most people arrive earlier. It is already packed at 6:30, as families settle down and participate in pre-concert activities. Many people walk to the concert, as finding parking can be difficult.

They can also buy food from various nonprofit organizations that sell things like barbeque, snacks, and drinks. Of course, as Carl’s Jr is right across the street, people get their food from there, too.

This week’s theme, as there is a different one every week, is “Classic Oldies” and is performed by Tommy Tassi and the Authentics. The audience is made up of people of all shapes and sizes, from children crawling on the ground to others comfortably chatting about the weather. These concerts seem to be another way people from Temple City can get acquainted with each other and meet fellow residents.

As the concert begins, the atmosphere remains one of camaraderie and warmth. Some couples get up and begin dancing to the music around the gazebo, while others sit back and enjoy the music from their seats.

The concert series ends on August 29, and the Finale starts an hour earlier than usual – don’t miss out on the last chance to go to a concert this summer!

All in all, these concerts are a great opportunity if you’re looking for a relaxing way to spend an evening with family and friends, and of course, enjoy the good, live music.


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