Temple City Voice Announces New Executive Team

New leaders with big ideas and plans picked for next year.

Written by KRISTY HSI / Published August 17, 2012  

Fresh faces have moved their way into the many high positions of the Temple City Voice executive team for 2012- 2013.

Nearly all of the staff has been changed due to promotions for former members and the loss of graduated seniors.

Former Community Outreach Director Yinting Huang has stepped up to take the position of Editor-in-Chief while Founder Matthew Wong has subsided to a lesser role than before. Advisor Lu Chen will continue to oversee the newsletter, and new Senior Editor Tiffany Kha will act as a key organizer for all. Former Assistant Editor Amy Fan shows faith in these leaders.

“I feel confident about what they’ll achieve, especially after seeing them work and interact the way before,” Fan said, “I know that Yinting and Tiffany will lead the organization well, and the other executive team members have achieved much as well.”

Kha is also confident in the cabinet.

“I’m excited for next year’s executive team,” Kha said, “We have a strong group of people who are interested in being more involved with Temple City Voice, and I have high expectations for what we will do.”

Both Kha and Fan express some of the accomplishments they have in mind for the Voice.

Kha has made some objectives for improving the newsletter as a whole.

“I hope that we will keep this newsletter running,” Kha said, “In terms of specific goals, we hope to get a larger audience for TCV and to have a larger staff. We want to reach out to more people, as in, not just those at TCHS, but also people who have graduated and gone on to college and possibly middle school students.”

On the other hand, Fan has some ideas for developing the team itself.

“I would like the exec team to continue expanding their roles,” Fan said, “I hope that we will continue cultivating and changing the photography and art teams and have good staff for them both. I also hope that they’ll be able to work well together, which will ensure success.”

The new executive team is already showing support for one another and Huang and looking forward to the times when they will work together in the future.

“A strong leader for the team next year would have to be Yinting Huang, who will be next year’s Editor-in-Chief,” Kha said, “She has many great ideas and I look forward to working closely with her in these upcoming months.”


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