Jason Gan, Temple City High School Graduate, Now an Eagle Scout

The Temple City High School graduate recently became an Eagle Scout.

Written by LEONA CHAN / Published August 10, 2012 

Temple City’s Eagle Scout Jason Gan has recently shared his experience with Temple City Voice. He reveals the difficult process of receiving the honorable achievement and also offers advice to other Boy Scout members.

As a member of the Boy Scouts for 11 years, Gan started out just like anyone else. He began as a Cub Scout in second grade and then joined the Boy Scouts in fifth. Even continuing through senior year, he has endured a long journey of learning and inspiring.

“Through scouting, I’ve learned skills and lessons ranging from first aid to lifesaving to hiking and camping to leadership, as well as a number of specialized skills that we pick to learn in order to achieve a range of merit badges,” he said.

His rank as Eagle Scout proves that his hard work and dedication are noteworthy. He has completed an Eagle Project (among many other tasks), earned all the required merit badges, and attended numerous events.

“I landscaped the front of Emperor Elementary[for my Eagle Project] by digging up the dying grass and replacing the area with brick pavers, and building a tree ring for parents to sit around,” said Gan, “It took about 150 hours of my own time to plan and carry out the project, spread out over almost two years.”

Moreover, his Eagle Project, merit badges, and even applying as an Eagle Scout all require a 10 page packet to complete.

“The eagle application and eagle project workbook gets handed back and forth between the scout and the adviser over and over and over until all the necessary signatures are obtained and everything is completed thoroughly and correctly,” he added.

The last step is an interview by a panel of parents and Boy Scout Council representatives.

“They asked me about my eagle project, how scouting has changed me, about my morals, about my future, and all in all check to make sure the Eagle is ready for the award.”

The process of achieving Eagle Scout is very challenging, however, it is always possible.

“My advice to others trying to get there is to start early, as it must be achieved before you turn 18,”said Gan. “And to persevere and stick it out.”


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