Kang-Smith Urges Voters to Approve School Bond

The superintendent answers questions about the general obligation bond.

Written by ALBERT CHEN and AMY FAN / Published August 10, 2012 

Last month, the school board decided to place a bond measure on the ballot, which if voters approve in November will lead to major renovations throughout the Temple City Unified School District.

The $129 million bond will levy a new tax on property owners.

“I believe it is $58 per $100,000 of assess value,” responded Superintendent Chelsea Kang-Smith. “Temple City’s average assess value is $200,000. On average it will cost tax payers $116.”

The tax, though hefty, will benefit the schools a lot, the superintendent said.

“We definitely want to improve and update facilities. We definitely want to focus on improving technologies and also assisting health and education facilities and expanding on programs such as performing arts,” said Kang Smith.

As for the 1998 bond, it will still be in place.

“It was a 24 million dollar bond. I believe it will last about the same time as the new bond, which is 25 years.”

According to the Los Angeles County of Education, as of June 2011, the school district had $18.6 million in existing bond obligations for the 1998 bond.

Kang-Smith, along with the other school board members, urge the voters to think carefully about the benefits of the bond.

“Our schools are in need to upgrade and modernize. We really need to upgrade facilities in all aspects, such as air conditioning, heating systems. Most of our schools were built in the 40s or 50s, and many of them have not been modernized.”

According to Kang-Smith, this bond will be up to the residents of Temple City Unified School District, and will only apply to them.

“It will be one of the propositions or measures on the ballot. It will only affect residents within the TCUSD boundaries,” said Kang-Smith.

Voters will weigh in on November 6.


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