Opinion: The Dawn of a Healthier America

Jin says to ban large sodas.

Written by NATALIE JIN / Published August 3, 2012  

New York medical professionals have introduced a ban on the selling of large-sized soda in New York City on July 24th, 2012, proposing the limit of soft-drink cups and bottle sizes at food services to be limited to 16 ounces, the equivalence of a medium-sized drink at Mc Donalds.

Needless to say, protestors have been lining up to denounce this idea. Critics ridicule the banning of portion regulations, saying that the proposal will not only fail to hamper the rapidly growing rate of obesity, but also be detrimental to the profit margin of small businesses.

However, despite my understanding of the direct relationship between small businesses and their dependency on profiting from selling drinks, I cannot help but agree with the medical researchers.

Portion sizes, especially for drinks, have risen dramatically throughout the years. A sized-small coke now, is the equivalent to a sized-large in the 1970’s. Statistics show that growing portion sizes cause people to consume more than their body requires, thus causing an unnecessary storage of trans-fat and other unhealthy fast-food ingredients. It is no coincidence that the increase in fast-food portions since the 1970’s has grown quite in accordance to the average person’s body weight through today.

It is inevitable that to minimize the increase of America’s ever inclining body weight, portions need to be reduced to more reasonable intakes. We need to wave goodbye to the “Hugo” 42-ounce, Mc Donald drink. Containing roughly 407 calories and 113 grams of sugar, bigger, in this case, is definitely not better.

“Smaller” though, might do just the trick. The proposed 16-ounce limitation on soft-drinks in New York is definitely an incentive to cut down on the unnecessary calories and sugar intake, thus helping implement the struggle to a healthier BMI (body mass index).

I sincerely hope that the New York board of health does pass this proposition limiting the sell and consumption of soft-drinks over 16 ounces in local restaurants. Perhaps it is with the start of this ban in New York that will mark the dawn of a healthier America.


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