Community Gathers for Relay for Life

Cancer survivors and supporters gather together in the fight against cancer.

Written by TIFFANY KHA / Published August 3, 2012

After a series of fundraisers and a large amount of planning, the Temple City Relay for Life, hosted by the American Cancer Society, took place at the Temple City High School track on Saturday, July 27, to Sunday, July 28.

The purpose of the event was to support cancer research through raising funds for it and to raise awareness of cancer prevention.

Over 140 participants came to support the cause, and in total, the event raised over 18,500 dollars.

Relay For Life began with Gordon Klatt, who walked for 24 hours non-stop to raise money for cancer research.

His actions were followed and evolved into an event that supported people affected by cancer research each year.

In tribute to that tradition, the main event was for participants to take turns walking around the track.

The track was open for everyone, encouraging people to walk as a single unit of people who fight cancer. People also walked in groups of themed laps, such as Crazy Hat Laps and Pajama Lap.

Guests gathered from the Temple City area to join in the walk to fight cancer.

The Temple City Relay For Life also featured stage entertainment, movies, fun activities such as a watermelon eating contest, and even a camp for children.

There were also many tents set up around the grass to commemorate the twenty-four hour event. Team members were encouraged to visit booths and set up camp to stay overnight.

The supporters and volunteers at the event expressed empathy for the people touched by cancer and praised Relay For Life.

Many participants were moved by the meaning behind the activities and the event itself.

“Relay for Life was an incredible and inspiring event,” said Vivian Ka. “Survivors, caretakers, and others affected by cancer were able to come together to support each other and remember those who lost their battles to cancer. I met so many people who were so passionate about this cause, and it really motivated me to take steps of my own to fight this disease.”

This was the first time the Relay for Life was hosted by Temple City, and as it is the signature event of the American Cancer Society, volunteers aim for continued success next year and for even more participants.


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