Oversight Board for Former Redevelopment Agency to Meet

The city’s representatives are Pulido, Haworth.

Written by VINCENT WEI / Published August 3, 2012  

The oversight board for the former Temple City community redevelopment agency plan to conduct its first meeting, according to Assistant to the City Manager Brian Haworth.

Mr. Haworth, also the city’s economic development manager, says the meeting will be held at 9 a.m. on May 7. Along with City Manager Jose Pulido, Mr. Haworth will attend as a representative of the city of Temple City.

“Monday’s meeting will begin with ceremonial activities to introduce the board members and provide an overview of the group’s role,” the economic development manager wrote in the May 4, 2012 city manager’s report.

The oversight board will review the Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule, or ROPS, that the city council approved earlier this year. Additionally, the board will elect officers and a representative to the state’s finance department.

The ROPS is the city’s estimate of debt by the former redevelopment agency and successor agency. According the posted agenda, there is an outstanding $1,747,919 in debt.

The listed obligations include a 1998 city loan to the former agency, at $3,892,715, and the Rosemead Boulevard Enhancement Project, at $1,854,953.

Also included is a proposed estimate of costs for legal and financial services. The city proposed $37,500 for Burke, Williams, and Sorrenson, LLP (legal) and $14,000 for Seifel Consulting (financial).

The oversight board will be composed of seven representatives. In addition to the city’s two representatives, the board will likely have representatives from the Temple City Unified School District, the county of Los Angeles, the community college district, and the county superintendent of education. Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich will make two appointments.

The dismantling of the city’s redevelopment agency is the direct consequence of the state lawmakers’ decision last June. A legal suit against the state failed when the California supreme court ruled in favor of the legislature in December.

In March, Mr. Haworth stated that the city’s redevelopment activities should conclude “by the end of this year.”


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