Dial a Ride Program Adds Home Depot as Destination

Change approved following commission’s recommendation

Written by TIFFANY KHA / Published July 13, 2012  

The city council recently approved a change in policy for Temple City’s Dial-a-Ride transportation program.

The city council agreed to include the Home Depot as an approved drop-off and pick-up location for Dial-a-Ride users during its April 3, 2012 meeting.

Earlier in the year, the parks and recreation commission, an advisory body to the city council, recommended that the city include Home Depot.

Since the retail store is located in the city of El Monte and not Temple City, the city’s elected officials had to officially approve the inclusion of Home Depot before any change could take effect.

It is very likely that city officials were not opposed to the change given that Temple City receives 50 percent of sales tax revenues from the retail store.

This change comes nearly two years after the city council allowed select Los Angeles County residents to participate in the Dial-a-Ride program.

In June 2010, the city council agreed to, on a trial basis, allow residents who lived in areas adjacent to Temple City that was also south of Duarte Road to be eligible for the program. Five months later, the city council made the change permanent.

To be eligible for the Dial-a-Ride service, Temple City residents must be 60 years or older or have a disability.

For more information, contact City Hall at (626) 285-2171.


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