Review: Café Roulé, a Great Place For Food and Relaxation

Chan reviews local café.

Written by GRACE CHAN / Published July 6, 2012 

Café Roulé is the ideal place for simple and tasty food. With an array of refreshing teas and coffees, and tasty, lightly toasted sandwiches, you can’t go wrong with your selection.

Café Roulé is a great environment to catch up with friend or with work. Bring along a laptop, smartphone, or iPad and enjoy free wifi service.

However, Café Roulé requires a minimum of 1 item per guest to have wifi access and a seat in the house. Cash only, too. But despite these minimal restrictions, the staff is always friendly and the food, exceptional.

The ambiance is relatively pleasant.

There is soft music playing in the background with a balanced murmur of chatter that keeps the atmosphere delightful and casual.

Thus, the noise level is generally low, considering that many college students as well as high school students find peace studying here at Café Roulé. The walls are painted orange, like the font lettering outside the café.

There are paintings and photographs framed on the walls to give it more of a subtle, simple, classic café look. The atmosphere is easy; nothing is distracting or protruding which can eliminate the calmness of the café. With that, it is a great place for casual gatherings or study sessions.

Many of the teas and coffees offered can go up to roughly $4 and the sandwiches up to $8. However, combo meals are offered for an extraordinary deal. In these combos, you choose a sandwich and a drink.

These combos range from $4 to roughly $8. The catch? There isn’t one. In each combo, a “full-sized” sandwich and drink is given at practically half the price.

With a simple menu, Café Roulé still seems to offer selections that can vary between mango green tea to pomegranate black tea and grilled cheese to house tuna sandwiches.

On top of that, it offers an ambiance perfect for a light lunch with friends or a study zone with food and drinks at hand. Painted in orange, Café Roulé is located near Loma Avenue and Las Tunas Drive.

The next time you’re driving or strolling down Las Tunas, stop by Café Roulé and give it a shot!


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