Pulido, Haworth Appointed to Redevelopment Oversight Board

“Winding down” of Temple City’s agency likely completed by end of the year: Haworth.

Written by AMY FAN / Published July 6, 2012

The city council has appointed two officials to serve on an oversight board for the former Temple City Community Redevelopment Agency.

Temple City council members unanimously confirmed the appointments of City Manager Jose Pulido and Assistant to the City Manager Brian Haworth during the March 20, 2012 city council meeting.

“For the next year and a half, we’ll be looking at winding down the former redevelopment agency,” Mr. Haworth said.

According to the assistant to the city manager, the city expects to conclude “redevelopment agency activities by the end of this year.”

Both Mr. Pulido and Mr. Haworth will represent Temple City at the oversight board meetings. They will be joined by five others from the following agencies: a major “special” district (likely the Temple City Unified School District), the county of Los Angeles, the community college district, and the county superintendent of education.

The county of Los Angeles will have two seats, one of which will be reserved for a member of the Temple City community. Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich will make the appointments.

The dismantling of the city’s redevelopment comes after state lawmakers voted last June to abolish all redevelopment agencies in California. An effort led by many California cities to block the legislative failed when the state supreme court ruled in December in favor of the state.

As a result, the city stems to lose millions in tax revenues that could have been spent for economic development and housing purposes.


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