Delicious Places to Eat During Summer

There are many places to eat and hang out at during the joyful days of summer.

Written by LEONA CHEN / Published June 29, 2012 

Summer has finally arrived! With the scorching sun and summer heat, it’s the perfect time for sweet delights.

Frozen yogurt is a popular dessert many people enjoy during the summer. This delightful treat ranges from tart to sugary sweet and is usually sold in places where people can comfortably chat.

“Yogurt flavors are delectable for the summer,” said Sophomore Cindy Chen. “The places I go to eat are very sanitary too.”

Yogurtland is a popular store that serves many flavors of frozen yogurt and a variety of toppings to match. Customers are able to choose their own flavors, amounts, toppings, and will even receive a spoon of their color. The upbeat music and clean environment make it a satisfying place for relaxing and pure fun.

Besides yogurt, there are other places that offer tasty things to eat as well.

Rose Donuts is family owned shop that also offers sweet frozen yogurt and many snacks like donuts, sandwiches, muffins, and cookies.

“I like the sweet taste and smell, the pretty decorations, and their creative assortments of donuts,” said Sophomore Germane Chic. “It’s filled with food that is going to kill my wallet!”

The quiet and friendly atmosphere makes the business an ideal location to relax. The prices are reasonable and service is quick. Rose Donuts opens at 4am and closes at 10pm Mondays to Saturdays, but opens at 5am on Sundays.

One more fun local place to have fun is Boba Express on Las Tunas Drive. Boba Express comes with a variety of teas and coffees for people to enjoy. It is also quite roomy and an ideal place to work on summer homework or catch up with friends.

“The lady at Boba Express is really nice, and the prices are quite reasonable,” said Senior Jason Gan.

Summer is a great time to appreciate the gift of taste. There are so many delicious delights available, so don’t be afraid to try them all.


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