Rosemead Boulevard Project Now Goes to Caltrans For Approval

Construction is scheduled to begin this summer.

Written by VINCENT WEI / Published June 29, 2012 

A major roadwork project now goes to Caltrans, a state transportation agency, for final review.

The state agency will examine the plans for the Rosemead Boulevard improvement project, which received approval by the city council during their March 6, 2012 meeting.

“This has been a two-year long process for a two mile project,” said Community Development Director Steve Masura. “It’s like a mile per year.”

Driven by Councilmembers Carl Blum and Vincent Yu, the project upgrades two miles of roads in the western area of Temple City.

Once complete, the project introduces energy-efficient lighting, pedestrian-friendly enhancements, drought-resistant landscaping, public art, and protected bicycle lanes.

City officials have priced the project at $18,291,288, which is double the amount City Hall previously estimated the renovation to cost.

However, the city was very successful at obtaining 14 grants from the regional, state, and federal funding sources, which to date amounts to more than $17 million.

According to a staff report dated March 6, the city has spent $2,349,000 on the project since 2010. The remaining balance, approximately $15.9 million will be spent during the construction phase.

Construction is currently scheduled for late summer 2012.

“The bid’s not going to go out right away,” Mr. Masura said. “We hope to go to bid by June or July. Construction wouldn’t start until August or September.”

A third and final community-wide meeting on the project will be held prior to construction, the community development director stated.

The vote to approve the negative declaration was 5-0, as was the vote to allow the city manager the authority to bid the project once the city receives Caltrans approval.


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