Catching Up with Former Staff Jessica Liu

Liu is now attending Stanford University.

Written by RACHEL DONG / Published June 8, 2012  

Jessica Liu, a former staff member of the Temple City Voice, discusses her life after high school.

Jessica Liu attends Stanford, where she is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. Also minoring in Psychology and Economics, Liu always has a busy schedule. Along with her studies, she is part of the Stanford Society of Women Engineers, Green Events Consulting, and the Stanford Dragon Boat team.

Liu also recounts the difficulties of college.

She says, “I thought, back then, that I was working pretty hard already, but no amount of work I did in high school really comes close to comparing to what we need to do now.”

Liu does not participate in sororities, but she says she has enough to keep her occupied.

She remarks, “There’s usually so much going on that I rarely have to go out of my way to find a good way to spend my time.”

With school, she says, there is more freedom to do what she wants.

“I sometimes go jogging at 2 in the morning, which I definitely wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before.”

Besides her studies, Liu has been amazed at the people she has been able to meet through Stanford.

“The other students are incredible beyond belief, and almost all of the ones I’ve met have been as humble as they are brilliant. More than anything, I’m thankful for the friends I’ve been able to make here,” she says.

Stanford also has many opportunities. Liu says, “There are so many things to learn and try that I couldn’t get to everything I wanted to do if I had twice as many hours in a day.”

It is clear that Liu has a bright future ahead, and she truly inspires others with her impressive plans and positive outlook.


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