Choreo “Channels Their Inner Dance” for Showcase

Last show of the year performed on May 24.

Written by SABRINA FANG / Published June 1, 2012

Temple City High School Choreo Team held their annual showcase, entitled “Channel Your Inner Dance” on May 24.

The show consisted of group numbers and solo dances, mostly from Choreo, but also by other groups like Pep and Krookz Crew. Each dance was inspired by popular T.V. shows and stations.

The show kicked off with a group number preformed by the entire Choreo team. The dance was entitled “Breaking News” and was choreographed by senior Andreanna Luu. The performance was met with roaring applause and had set the tone for the rest of the night.

The show continued with amazing group performances as well as solo dances. Group dances, such as “Disney Channel”, “Lifetime” and “Twilight Zone,” were popular with the audience. Solo dances, performed by Nicole Feng, Alice Cai, Christine Novak and others, also showed technique and skill.

The showcase had also featured performances by next year’s Pep team. Krookz Crew, a small break-dancing crew comprised of aspiring break-dancers, also had a single number.

For many of the Choreo members, the show was bittersweet as this was their last show performing as a part of the TCHS Choreo team.

“Everyone was tearing up,” says Senior and two-year Choreo member Jennifer Ye. “Choreo this year was really closely knit so the toughest thing is saying goodbye and not dancing with these girls again.”

The Choreo team made sure to put on a fantastic show as their last show.

The show was also a first for many of Choreo’s incoming members as they had the chance to perform on stage with next year’s returning members.

“It felt absolutely awesome performing in the showcase with my future teammates,” says Freshman Karen Wu. “For me, I’m looking forward to getting to know the other girls and doing something that makes me happy.”

The incoming members performed the routine they had learned during Choreo try-outs for the 2012-2013 year. Mid-performance, they were joined on stage by next year’s returning members.

The show’s finale, entitled “Sun Is Up”, featured short solos from every Choreo member. They were given a standing ovation and praised for their amazing performance.


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