Temple City High School Students “Advance to Boardwalk” for Prom

On Saturday, May 19th, students attended the last formal dance of the year at the KDB in Long Beach.

Written by RACHEL DONG / Published May 25, 2012 

Temple City High School students attended the annual Prom dance, themed “Advance to Boardwalk” at Kitchen Den Bar in Long Beach on Saturday, May 19th.

Juniors and seniors, as well as a few upperclassmen, anticipated a night full of dancing, games, and memories made.

With help from promoting through a video, posters, word-of-mouth, and other effective techniques, the students in attendance exceeded 550. According to Prom Committee leader, Junior Kelly Guo, this year’s ticket sales were a record high in the past few years.

Some initial thoughts about Prom included skepticism concerning its success, especially regarding its venue, but Senior Justin Lin disagreed, saying, “The venue was situated in a pretty nice arcade with a nice bowling alley in the back.”

Junior Brittney Chau also agreed about the venue’s success.

She said, “The games were fun and made this Prom more friend-friendly. People who went as friends didn’t feel as obligated to dance because there were other things to do.”

Chau also raved about the DJ, commenting, “He actually played requested songs, so there were about three slow songs.”

At Prom, not only were there arcade games, bowling, and dancing, but the Lakers game as well.

“So many people were watching,” said Chau.

The food, also an important aspect of Prom, was made by Kitchen Den Bar itself.

According to Lin, “The food included pasta, salad, and drinks, with a nice chocolate cake at the end.”

Junior Pauline Chen adds, “I thought the food was better than that at average dances, but that’s considering the food was from an actual restaurant in contrast to that from a hotel.”

“All in all, it was a great day to spend time with prom dates, getting closer to one’s date and other people in the process,” said Lin.


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