Alpha Beta Site Owners Plan for Mixed-Use Development

Owners were asked to integrate their project with the city’s plans.

Written by AMY FAN / Published May 11, 2012  

The owners of a long-vacant commercial property in the heart of Temple City are planning for a mixed-use project, the city manager recently stated.

“They submitted a preliminary development plan for a commercial mixed-use project with condominiums,” City Manager Jose Pulido wrote in his December 29, 2011 weekly report, referring to Alpha Beta site owners Michael Huang and Karena Sujo.

Additionally, the city manager stated that during a recent meeting with the owners, he raised the possibility of working together with the city to redevelop the Primrose properties. The city’s properties are adjacent to the former Alpha Beta site.

“The discussions concluded a possibility to consider opportunities that create a higher and better use for the site by integrating their development with the city’s adjacent parcel,” he said.

Mr. Pulido said that the Alpha Beta site owners would submit a revised conceptual plan in January.

Meanwhile, the city will focus on its own plan to redevelop its Primrose properties, which may involve “a new park with additional public parking opportunities,” he said.

Since taking over City Hall in October 2009, the city manager has been acting quickly to eradicate properties that have been vacant for a number of years.

Mr. Pulido has already successfully pushed for the re-opening of a downtown gas station at the corner of Las Tunas Drive and Oak Avenue. He has also worked closely with Randy Wang, owner of the Gateway (formerly Piazza) project.

Now, in addition to tackling the Rosemead Boulevard Beautification project, he is trying to bring redevelopment to the Alpha Beta site.

The site is located at the corner of Temple City Boulevard and Woodruff Avenue.


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