Catching Up with Former Art Manager Ivy Vuong

Sophomore in college, Ivy Vuong, shares insight on high school and college.

Written by KEVIN WU / Published April 27, 2012  

Ivy Vuong, current sophomore of UC Berkeley, catches up with Temple City Voice on her current activities and reflects upon high school and college experiences.

Vuong has worked as a former staff writer and artist; her last position being the art manager of 2009-2012.

Currently finishing up her sophomore year at Berkeley, Vuong has been majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Not only a diligent student, Vuong has also been involved in diverse activities.

“I am involved with The Californians, which is a leadership organization that works with alumni relations and university relations,” said Vuong. “This summer I will be interning at the Lawrence Hall of Science up in the Berkeley Hills and cannot wait to start.”

As someone who has experienced the fear of moving from a high school campus to a college campus, Vuong gives some advice to new incoming college freshman.

“The biggest difference I experienced was coming from a graduating class of around 500 students at Temple City High School to a freshmen class of over 6000 students at Berkeley, she said. “Although colleges vary in all different sizes, I feel like you really have to be intentional, proactive, and put yourself out there.”

Remembering her time spent in Temple City Voice, Vuong recalls the time she spent at the Voice as a valuable experience and opportunity.

“I value my experience with Temple City Voice and my experience can be characterized by the word: opportunity. From writing articles, attending school board meetings, to even our Saturday meetings, I think I got the opportunity to see the city in a unique light and the opportunity to develop friendships as well professional skills.”


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