Tips for AP Testing and Studying

Collins offers tips on how to ace AP tests before the week of testing.

Written by MICHAEL COLLINS / Published April 27, 2012

The AP testing period is almost here, and students must ready their minds for the mentally-taxing trials of taking one, two, or even more AP tests in the course of two weeks.

AP testing, a time of much stress at the high school, affects and alters the lifestyle of many of TCHS’ students.

The effects are staggering, and may include, but are not limited to: large amounts of studying, conflicts amongst parent and student, purchasing of excessive materials, unusually large amounts of stress, as well as minimal sleep.

But AP tests don’t have to be as demanding as you’d think.

Sure, they’re highly valuable towards your collegiate futures and in lessening the required classes to complete in order to pursue your career, but these tests don’t have to make you break down and cry every time you open a study book.

By taking practice tests ahead of time, you can ensure yourself a heightened confidence when you step into the actual AP testing environment.

Also, limit your study time to the hours of the day where you aren’t drop-dead tired. Research shows that ineffective memorization and study is a result of little sleep.

If possible, in your hectic, AP-filled lives, get as much sleep as possible in order to remain optimistic and studious in this crunch time before the exams.

Also, if during your study sessions you’re finding yourself angry or unusually stressed, take a break, and relax in whatever way suits you the most.

“Take a break if you’ve studied for too long,” Junior Jacqueline Wong said. “I drink chamomile tea in order to prevent as much stress as possible.”

So study on, Temple City High students, for your futures can be greatly improved by doing so; but take it easy, these tests aren’t the end of the world, and you’re all capable of getting your desired scores.

Good luck!


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