Solar Panels Construction Work Almost Complete

After months of construction work, the Solar Panels will soon be ready to power the school.

Written by MICHAEL COLLINS / Published April 20, 2012  

The district wide energy efficiency renovations are almost complete after the initial contract signing on May 31, 2011 with Chevron Energy Solutions.

Temple City High School’s redesigned parking lot, is almost complete, and as of April 2, was connected to the electrical gearbox.

The construction of the panels is primarily done, with little maintenance before full completion. The redesigned lot also includes a new trash enclosure, as well as an improved exit for student safety.

These newly-built panels not only provide shade for student drivers at the high school to look forward to daily, but are currently providing a huge amount of energy for the school.

“On April 4, the system was started and is currently producing about 606,000 kWh hours per year,” Chief Business Official David Jaynes said. “That’s about 1/3 of the needs for the high school.”

Along with the parking lot’s construction has come a reconstruction of lighting systems throughout the district. The accumulated savings from all of these alterations are expected to total over $800,000 annually. Also, central heating throughout the district is currently being reconfigured.

“We have replaced thermostats and integrated them into an energy management system throughout the District, providing some savings as well,” Jaynes said. “This portion of the programs still has some tweaks which we are working on correcting.”

Aside from minimal window replacement at some sites, the overall program is nearing completion. Construction nears finishing much sooner than the anticipated 18-month plan.

The new panels are catalysts for a more energy efficient school system, one that hopes to stray away from high energy costs.

The aesthetically appealing solar panels have the potential to cut reliance from energy companies drastically.


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