Avant Garde Asked to Continue Assisting with Rosemead Project

City Council approves $160k consultant agreement.

Written by VINCENT WEI / Published April 13, 2012 

The city council has approved a revised agreement with Avant Garde Inc., asking the consultant to continue assisting Temple City with its Rosemead Boulevard improvement project.

The Pomona-based group will be paid $160,000 to provide three core services, according to a November 1, 2011 report by Community Development Director Steve Masura.

The services include serving as a liaison between the city and Caltrans, a state-level agency, managing the program and funds, and monitoring to ensure compliance with federal labor laws.

A major task for Avant Garde will be to “assist the city in obtaining required Caltrans clearance,” Director Masura wrote.

The overall scope of the agreement will last for 27 months.

In addition to Avant Garde, the city has hired two other consultants for work on the improvement project: Vanir Construction Management and Gruen Associates.

Vanir is the project manager and Gruen is the project designer.

Earlier this year, the city council brought the value of the project manager’s contract up to $350,000. The project designer’s contract is valued at $907,833.

The beautification project was once projected to cost $9 million. However, due to the city’s (and with the assistance of Avant Garde) success with obtaining grants, the project now has up to $17 million in funding. There are 14 different funding sources, including grants from local, state, and federal agencies.

The project is the city’s latest endeavor to remake the image of Temple City. There are plans to introduce energy-efficient lighting, pedestrian-friendly enhancements, drought-resistant landscaping, public art, and protected bicycle lanes.

On Fridays, Councilmembers Carl Blum and Vincent Yu co-chair meetings on the project at City Hall.


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