Temple City Extends Vanir Contract Again

A second public outreach meeting on Rosemead Boulevard improvement project to be held: City Manager.

Written by VINCENT WEI / Published March 23, 2012

The city is again extending a contract with Vanir Construction Management, the project manager for the Rosemead Boulevard improvement project.

Members of the city council voted 5-0 on Tuesday to approve an amendment to the consultant services agreement with Vanir, the third since the group was hired in 2010.

“The contract that the City has with Vanir Construction Management is a by-phase contract,” Mayor Pro Tempore Vincent Yu said during the September 20, 2011 city council meeting. “As the project progresses, we’ll add more to it.”

Last year, the city hired Vanir and Gruen Associates, as project designer, to assist City Hall with beautifying Rosemead Boulevard.

The beautification project was once projected to cost $9 million. However, due to the city’s success in obtaining grants, the project is now valued to cost $17 million.

Vanir has already received up to $279,000 for its work on the project, which included pre-design and design (phases one and two).

The approval of Tuesday’s amendment brings the project manager’s contract value up to $350,000, which covers the “bid and award” stage, or phase three.

Meanwhile, Gruen Associates has been paid $907,833 to design the new Rosemead Boulevard.

City officials are also planning to hold a second town hall meeting to engage the community about the project.

According to City Manager Jose Pulido, the meeting will be held on October 6 at Live Oak Park. There will be both English-speaking and Chinese-speaking sessions.

In March, 180 residents attended the first town hall meeting, city officials said.

The Rosemead Boulevard improvement project is the city’s biggest recent endeavor to redo the image of Temple City. There are plans to introduce energy-efficient lighting, pedestrian-friendly enhancements, drought resistant landscaping, public art, and protected bicycle lanes.

Mayor Pro Tempore Yu and Councilmember Carl Blum are city council’s representatives overseeing the project. Both Mr. Blum and Mr. Yu co-chair the Rosemead Boulevard standing committee, which meets on Fridays at City Hall.


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