Catching Up With Former Staff Randy Shun

Randy Shun, a sophomore now at UC Berkeley, says that Temple City Voice helped prepare for college.

Written by TERRENCE SUN / Published March 16, 2012

A Temple City Voice alumnus, Randy Shun expresses appreciation for how the Voice prepared him for college and work.

Shun currently studies economics and statistics at the University of California, Berkeley, although he has been through many different majors and research opportunities, including molecular cell biology.

In addition to track, Peer Listeners, and Junior State of America (JSA), Temple City Voice helped him through his experience through many college extracurricular opportunities.

Shun served first as a staff writer, and then became a Community Affairs Director (now renamed the Community Outreach Director) and finally, Senior Editor.

“Working with TCV gave me the interpersonal skills needed to talk to government officials and organizations,” says Shun. “Besides attending council meetings, I really learned lots about civic participation, engagement, and the expectations a community requires of its leaders.”

Also, Shun, who joined Temple City Voice the summer of his freshman year in 2008, explains that it had helped him develop his attitude towards work.

“Working in a team and being responsible for your own work really hit me,” Shun says. “I really advance teamwork nowadays, and believe having a positive, meaningful relationship with your peers creates the best products.”

Shun is currently working on nonprofit consulting, which creates the backbone for assessment and seeks out potential partnerships. He had worked on another research lab studying the effects of a type of herpes virus.

A former salutatorian, Shun enjoyed his high school experience greatly because of the time he had to pursue other extracurricular activities and classes.

“You should take a wide variety of courses if possible since you never know what you’ll really end up liking,” said Shun.


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