Schools Foundation Launches Fundraising Drive

Temple City School Foundation kicks off a fundraising drive to assist programs that might be cut or lost.

Written by HUGO WONG / Published March 9, 2012  

On Saturday, March 3, 40 to 50 volunteers stuffed envelopes for the fundraising drive initiative “Add, Because it Multiplies” to alleviate and help save some programs that would be lost due to budget cuts.

The Temple City Unified School District will lose approximately $2.2 million due to budget cuts during the 2012-2013 fiscal year, which will cause the schools to lose staff and programs.

This fundraising drive started by the Temple City Schools Foundation is meant to help the school pay for the elementary music program, counselors, P.E. aid, and other services that school provides.

“We believe that schools contribute to growth in our community,” President of the TCSF Ms. Kim Tso said. “These donations will go right back to the schools and will have a multiplier effect in our city’s businesses and in our property values.”

The volunteers stuffed envelopes filled with information about how people can donate to the cause. The envelopes will go to 12,000 homes in the Temple City School district to ask for donations to help sustain these important programs.

It includes a letter that talks about the current financial situation in the district and it will explain what the donations are going towards. It will also have a return envelope so that people can donate to the cause.

Along with the fundraiser drive, TCSF is hosting an event on Wednesday, March 21 at 7 to 9pm called “School Budget 101.” This event will be held at Temple City High School Media Center where an expert will explain the current crisis facing the school district.

For more information about Temple City Schools Foundation “Add, Because it Multiplies” fundraising drive please visit


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