Art Show Displays Colorful Works of Painting, Drawing, and Ceramics

On February 23, the Temple City High School art students displayed their art at the media center.

Written by PAULINE CHEN / Published March 2, 2012 

The Temple City High School art show displayed many works of art by the high school students on Thursday, February 23 from 3 to 6 P.M. at the Media Center.

Hundreds of artworks were on display from the Illustration, Ceramics, Advanced Ceramics, Art 1, Advanced Art, Honors Painting, and AP Studio Art classes.

Displayed at the art show were paintings, drawings, and pottery works of every shape and size. The works were propped upon easels or posted on tall partitions around the library. There was a large audience of art students, teachers, classmates, and parents at the showing. Both artists and viewers were impressed by the works displayed.

“I am amazed by the creativity and surprised to see many artists going out of their comfort zone for this project,” said Junior Samantha Lee.

“Visiting the art show gave me the opportunity to see TC’s hidden talents,” said Senior Jason Gan. “It was amazing to see how realistic, creative, and beautiful the works were.”

The art show also featured several performances to commemorate the different aspects of art. A small ensemble consisting of Ruth Xu on violin, Pauline Chen on bass and Catherine Tsai on viola played Pachelbel’s “Canon In D Major.” Grace Pan also sang covers of popular songs while playing the guitar.

Throughout the show, clay-spinning demonstrations were led by Advanced Ceramics students.

Many of the TCHS staff members attended the art show, including Superintendent Chelsea Kang-Smith. The head coordinator, Mihee Kim, was pleased to announce that she received many compliments for the event.


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