City Manager Gets a Pay Increase

Pulido receives salary increase, bonus, and car allowance perk.

Written by VINCENT WEI / Published March 2, 2012  

The city manager is receiving his first pay raise.

The city council voted 4-0 to approve an amendment to the city manager’s contract during the August 2, 2011 meeting.

Jose Pulido, who took over the reins of City Hall in October 2009, will receive a 2 percent salary increase. As a result, the city manager’s annual base salary will go up from $195,000 to $198,900.

Mr. Pulido will also receive a salary bonus of $19,800, as well as a $300 monthly car allowance.

In addition, the amendment eliminates an optional cell phone/PDD perk of $125 a month and formally requires the city manager to pay 1 percent towards CALPERS.

He will continue to receive four weeks of vacation time.

Last year, Mr. Pulido voluntarily agreed to contribute 1 percent towards his pension following the city council’s decision to mandate all city employees to do so.

Since he joined City Hall, Mr. Pulido has overseen numerous successes and changes. The city manager has twice reorganized City Hall, as well as tackled the formerly empty gas station on Las Tunas Drive and Oak Avenue. Additionally, Mr. Pulido has worked closely with The Gateway (formerly Piazza) developer Randy Wang.

The city manager holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and a master’s degree in urban planning from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Prior to coming to Temple City, Mr. Pulido was the city administrator for the city of San Fernando. The city manager has also worked for the cities of Montebello and Pico Riveria, as well as Los Angeles County.


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