Catching Up with Former Editor Sophia Chang

A former editor-in-chief of Temple City Voice, Sophia currently studies at Irvine.

Written by VINCENT TSANG / Published February 24, 2012  

Temple City High School alumnus, Sophia Chang, graduated in 2009 after serving as the Editor-In-Chief for Temple City Voice.

Since then, she has been studying at UC Irvine and has recently changed to major in psychology and focuses on cognitive sciences.

Currently in her third year of college, Chang is involved in multiple opportunities and activities and has learned many lessons.

“I’m currently being mentored by the CEO of a biotech firm called Epinex Diagnostics, which is a lot of fun, and I work at a pharmacy on the weekends, which is an extremely educational and great experience,” said Chang. “I’d like to apply to pharmacy school in the summer of my junior year and hopefully I’ll be a pharmacy student within the next few years!”

To make the most out of her college experience, Chang also participates in clubs and social activities.

“I’m the vice president of Buddhists for World Peace and we mostly hold discussion meetings where we read texts and talk about life in general,” said Chang.

Also, since Chang enjoys exercising, she uses the “first free rock climb pass” every quarter and goes to the gym to play racquetball and badminton.

Ever since entering college, Chang has learned many essential lessons that she would like to share with people.

“In college, you have a lot of freedom,” said Chang. “You discover how much your parents did for you in high school, which includes waking you up for your classes and preparing food.”

After being part of Temple City Voice and many other organizations, Chang wishes to stress openness and interaction with other people.

“I also discovered that it is the little, simple moments in life that count in the long run, so don’t be afraid to risk opening up to new people.”

Sophia is grateful for the lessons learned in Temple City Voice and the opportunities that it has brought her.


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