An Interview with Mayor Tom Chavez

Temple City Mayor Tom Chavez looks at the past and explains his goals for the future.

Written by ADENEY ZO / Published February 24, 2012  

Nearing the end of his term, Mayor Tom Chavez looks to a bright future and reflects on his past work and achievements.

In 2009, Chavez was elected to the City Council and was chosen by his fellow council members in 2010 to be the mayor.

“After serving on Parks & Recreation, I felt like I could offer more for the city. I felt it was a good time to take the next step” Chavez explained.

Once elected as mayor, Chavez created a set of main goals that would bring about change in the community.

“I felt like the citizens of Temple City needed more transparency and ethics within local politics,” he said. “The council-members and I worked to create a set of protocols that took ethical obligations to a higher level.”

Another major goal was to redevelop Temple City’s businesses in order to improve the local economy.

“We are continuing to introduce new businesses to Temple City, especially through backing development on the Gateway Plaza,” said Chavez. “We are working with some popular national chains to bring new places for citizens to dine and shop.”

The mayor has also been working to put the Rosemead Project in motion, a project designed to beautify the portion of Rosemead Blvd. that runs through Temple City.

“We are planning to add features such as a new bike lane in addition to lining the street with art and statues,” he described.

Looking to the future, the mayor hopes that another idea in development, a new “Citizen’s Academy,” will come to life.

“We want to create an educational academy for citizens to learn about local government and how decisions are made,” said Chavez. “This will be particularly useful in training future officials and people who are interested in becoming involved in Temple City.”

Though his term is coming to an end, Mayor Tom Chavez and the City Council have many new projects and developments to improve our city.

As a concluding thought, Chavez wished to thank “the dedicated staff and city manager. The City Council doesn’t work alone, and the staff truly helps make Temple City a great place to live.”


One comment

  1. shannon

    really odd that a city manager that has done is best to kick out long standing employee and replace them with his crew from his former job talks about ethic. he is nothing more than a opportunist.

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