Catching Up with Former Director Leslie Wu

Leslie Wu, now a sophomore at the University of Southern California, has an interesting and busy schedule.

Written by JUSTIN LIN / Published February 10, 2012 

Currently attending University of Southern California, or USC, Leslie Wu cites Temple City Voice as an activity that prepared him for college and beyond.

Leslie Wu joined Temple City Voice in 2007 as a sophomore in Temple City High School. As a result of Temple City Voice, he learned much about the city and gained a great amount of experience.

“[Temple City Voice] gave me a chance to look into city politics and attend council meetings, as well as assist in various elections to understand the various platforms that different candidates wanted to use to change the city and better understand the [workings] of Temple City as a whole,” Wu said.

In addition to benefiting him at Temple City High School, Temple City Voice has provided him experience from his extracurricular activities at USC.

Wu works as part of a campus publication and is serving as one of the editors of the paper. He says that the many important skills of Temple City Voice has helped him in many different ways.

“The skills I gained from fundraising, sponsorship, planning and writing have come to be extremely useful,” says Wu.

Wu is currently pursuing a variety of studies, studying health promotion and disease prevention, biology, as well as a minor in Musical Studies. He is also involved at a research lab, where he studies and analyzes protein expression in order to predict deaths of fruit flies.

Wu enjoys college life greatly and finds the experience enjoyable.

“I enjoy college life because you get to be very independent,” said Wu. “There are also many opportunities that are available.”


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