Temple City Welcomes the Lunar New Year

Temple City held its annual Lunar New Festival last Saturday.

Written by SABRINA FANG / Published February 10, 2012  

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Temple City held its annual Lunar Festival, co-sponsored by the Temple City Chinese American Association and the city of Temple City, at Temple City Park on Saturday, February 4th, 2012.

Residents were able to participate in various activities and enjoy a number of performances.

The event was hosted by two representatives of the Temple City Chinese American Association who spoke both English and Chinese. They welcomed festival-goers and encouraged them to enjoy themselves as they visited the different booths, indulged in the Chinese cuisine, and watched the many performances.

Performances consisted of traditional and more modern styles. The Neo Meyer Band played covers of popular songs, such as “Forget You” and “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You”.

The Organization of Yuanji Dance Taiwan preformed a traditional Yuanji dance. The final performance of the day was by the Chin Woo Quan Tae Kwon Do Academy who demonstrated martial arts techniques and tricks.

There were various booths at the festival where people were able to play games, participate in arts and crafts, or shop. In the game booths, people of all ages participated. Everyone from small children to senior citizens enjoyed throwing balls in boxes, aiming darts, and picking their prize.

At the art and craft booths, people made crafts relating to Chinese New Year, like dragon masks and paper lanterns.

“It was nice helping those kids make stuff,” said volunteer Celine Wong. “I think I would do it again.”

People were also able to shop at the shopping booths where they were able to buy jewelry, charms and other small items.

Food, such as chow mien, sweet porridge and fried rice, was served to the hungry festival-goers for free.

Throughout the festival, raffle tickets were being sold. In-between performances, winners would be announced.

“It was exciting,” said student Ashley Huang, “because I really wanted that big screen T.V.”

Prizes ranged from paper lanterns to gift cards to the ultimate prize: a 32 inch, flat-screen T.V. They closed the festival with the final raffle drawing for the 32 inch flat screen.


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