Opinion: “Why Thirsty” Serves Superior Tea

A Temple City Voice writer reviews “Why Thirsty,” a tea place in San Gabriel.

Written by BRIAN CHEN / Published February 3, 2012  

“Why Thirsty,” a newly opened tea room in San Gabriel, serves superior tea with great dishes and excellent customer service.

“Why Thirsty” is an excellent tea place that makes you come back for more. Not only are the food and drinks tasty, the service, surroundings, and overall vibe of the place is amazing.

To begin with, the manager, Brad, is extremely nice. Not only does he make the effort to talk to you, he makes sure that you feel welcome and that all your needs are met.

If this is your first time to “Why Thirsty,” I would suggest trying the Boba Milk Tea. They use real milk in their drinks; none of those artificial ingredients you’ll find in other places. They also offer it cold or hot. Both taste just as good; so don’t be afraid to try it hot if you’ve never had Hot Boba Milk Tea.

For food, I would suggest getting the Beef Bowl or the Railroad. Even though they are a tad expensive, the portions are huge. You always get your money’s worth, so don’t even worry about not being full after this meal. Don’t forget to try the appetizers, such as the French Fries or the Sweet Potato Fries.

The price is pretty reasonable for the quality and quantity of the food. For around $10, you can get a meal, a side, and a drink.

On the downside, the seating is kind of small, but that’s usually never a problem. People come in and out equally, so wait time will never be an issue.

Another plus about this place is that it’s not overrun by teenagers that are just there to play cards or mess around. It’s the perfect environment to study and actually get work done. On top of everything, this place has free wi-fi. You just have to ask them for the password.

If you’re interested in trying a new place, “Why Thirsty” is definitely your best bet.


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