Temple City Considers “Cycle Track” for Rosemead Boulevard Project

Meetings on street improvement project now open to the public.

Written by VINCENT WEI / Published February 3, 2012  

City officials are now considering a “cycle track” for the Rosemead Boulevard Improvement Project, Mayor Pro Tempore Vincent Yu recently reported.

The design team is assessing the “cycle track,” or protected bicycle lane, Mr. Yu said during the June 21, 2011 city council meeting.

News of the city’s decision to install the protected bike lanes has drawn excitement from the biking community, the mayor pro tempore said.

“People are getting very excited,” Mayor Pro Tempore Yu said.

In addition, Mr. Yu noted that the ad hoc committee on Rosemead Boulevard has become a standing committee, which means that the city manager will be reporting on the progress of the project. It also means that members of the public can attend the meetings held at City Hall each Friday.

However, the change will not “affect the routine operations of the committee or project,” City Manager Jose Pulido wrote in his June 23 weekly report.

Along with Mayor Pro Tempore Yu, Councilmember Carl Blum serves on the standing committee.

The Rosemead Boulevard Improvement Project is the city’s latest endeavor to redo the image of Temple City. There are plans to introduce energy efficient lighting, pedestrian-friendly enhancements, drought-resistant landscaping, public art, and bicycle lanes.

The project will upgrade two miles of roads along Temple City’s western boundaries.

Last year, the city hired Vanir Construction Management and Gruen Associates to serve as project manager and project designer, respectively.

City officials previously stated that at least $6.3 million in grants have been secured for the project, with an additional $3 million previous allocated from general fund reserves. The city also continues to actively search for new grants to fund the project.

A community meeting on the project was also held in March.


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