Grad Nite Holds a Yard Sale to Fundraise

Grad Nite committee and other groups held a fundraiser at the Temple City High School on January 21st.

Written by ERIC QUACH / Published February 3, 2012

On Janurary 21, from 8 A.M. to 12 P.M., the Grad Nite committee and other groups held a “Parking Lot Sale” in the TCHS lunch shelter to raise money.

The sale was originally planned to be in the currently-in-construction parking lot, but a light drizzle caused the event to relocate. There were rows of tables selling new and used items ranging from t-shirts, mugs, cups, to even books, movies, and board games on sale for a very low price.

TCHS clubs like Save Darfur and Anime Club were also able to have their own booth and sell their own items. Other groups outside of school, such as Temple City Voice, had to pay a $15 fee.

The parking lot sale offered other interesting attractions, such as a breakfast bar with coffee and donuts, and caricatures done a high school student.

While getting her caricature drawn, sophomore Jensine Chun said, “I like how there are all sorts of things sold here for a really cheap price.”

Working at her booth with her parent for the second year in a row, senior Stephanie Terrell was ecstatic about selling again.

“I love it here,” said Terrell. “I love yard sales in general. You can find unique things like sun glasses, rings, and all sorts of accessories.”

Donna Georgino, head of the Parking Lot Sale Fundraiser and Publicity, recently shared with the Voice that different fundraising activities are needed to make grad night a success. According to Georgino, normally, there would many attendees; however, due to the rainy weather, this year’s turnout was low.

However, the Parking Lot sale is only one of several events for Temple City High School’s Grad Nite.

The next Grad Nite fundraiser, a casino night/silent auction on Saturday March 24 at 7:00 PM to 12:00AM, is called “An Evening Under the Stars.” It will take place at 9537 Camino Real Ave. in the city of Arcadia.

For more information, the committee has created a website at  to provide dates of upcoming events and information regarding the festive night.


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